White Paper

White Paper: Paper Roll Tagging: More Efficient Paper Industry Of The Future

Source: UPM Raflatac Inc.


Paper finishing, previously a labour-intensive operation, is becoming increasingly automated. Today the finishing machine control systems already administer all operations and communicate with the mill's other information systems. Although a limited amount of operators are still needed to oversee the flow and functioning of the process, their jobs will decrease in the future as the degree of automation rises.

Paper roll quality assurance and monitoring from the winder to the end customer is common today. But it is still rare for mills or printing houses to fully exploit the potential of current technology to automate and increase the efficiency of this area. Roll identification and monitoring with RFID makes it possible to raise production efficiency and improve utilisation rates and quality for both the paper maker and the paper converter.

Until now the challenge of RFID has been reading tag ID by radio waves through paper. Thanks to the new RFID tags that can be read from a distance of 1-2 meters and from any direction, this is no longer the case.