Datasheet | July 1, 2008

Product Sheet: Omron V750 Gen 2 Reader

Source: Omron RFID

V750 runs on a light real-time operating system (RTOS) that delivers consistent, repeatable performance to meet high-line speed and I/O requirements for supply chain as well as packaging and manufacturing operations.

V750's features:

  • Auto Tuning Function
    In Multi-access mode, the interrogator adjusts the communication sequence to read tags at the fastest speed according to the number of tags in the read zone. This feature is a Gen2 standard.
    Omron has developed our own algorithm to further optimize this feature and provide adjustments automatically.
  • Single access mode
    In Single-access mode communication is accelerated into high-speed. Noise Monitoring Function V750 can detect environmental radio noise by using antenna. You can use this function for site survey and hardware installation.
  • Self-operation functions and RTOS (Real Time OS)
    The R/W can perform a simple judgment or processing function independent from the host computer. RTOS (Real Time Operation System) enables very fast and consistent response compared with Windows CE or Linux OS. Programmable outputs.
    4 outputs can be used to output a 1)Status output or 2)Communication results output. "Communication results" determines whether output signal turns on or off with tag data or the number of read tags. Commands can be registered to execute automatically when power is turned on or input signal turns "on". Sensor signal from I/O can start or stop a command. Sequence can be set up to serve as RESET signal.
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