Application Note

Omni-ID® Ultrathin Application Guide: IQ 400 & IQ 600

Source: Omni-ID

Omni-ID Ultrathin IQ 400 and IQ 600 products are durable labels designed for use with standard RFID enabled thermal transfer printers. With both on-metal and on-liquid compatibility these labels provide a unique advantage over standard dipole technology in many real world applications.

In order to ensure optimal performance of IQ 400 & IQ 600 labels during commissioning and also during the life of the label, it is important to be aware of best practices for printing, encoding and applying the products. This application guide provides some best practice information which will help to get the most from the Ultrathin products.

IQ 400 & IQ 600 labels

Omni-ID Ultrathin IQ 400 & IQ 600 labels are multilayer synthetic labels with an acryclic adhesive and a PET face stock, this ensures a high level of durabiliity in a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications. Supplied on a standard 3 inch core, the labels have been wound inwards to minimize tension through a thermal transfer printer, the labels have also been designed with a frame label on the leading edge and spaced to a nominal pitch to maximize compatibility with the RFID module on the printer.

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