News | March 15, 2012

Omni-ID Launches Global Technology Licensing Program

Source: Omni-ID

Program based on original on-metal patents to further enable world-wide RFID adoption

Omni-ID, the original inventor, patent holder and supplier of high-performance, on-metal passive UHF RFID tags, recently launched the Omni Global Technology Licensing Program (OGTL). This program makes Omni-ID's unique enabling technology for the industry's first commercially viable on-metal RFID tag product line available for licensing.

"Imitation is the best form of flattery, and Omni-ID has been truly flattered since launching the first high performance on-metal tags to the market in 2005," said Ed Nabrotzky, CTO of Omni-ID. "It is very clear that many on-metal products being sold today are based on these foundational patents held by Omni-ID."

Patents US7880619 and US7768400 granted in the US as well as those in Europe and Asia form the foundation of the Omni-ID on-metal/near liquid RFID intellectual property. Traditional tags are based on antennas, which don't work when placed near metal or many liquids. Omni-ID's patented "Plasmonic Structure" design uses layers of conductors and dielectrics to isolate the RF from the tag's surrounding environment, which ensures the tag performs successfully on/near metal and liquids.

"As a company known for innovation, we have clearly driven significant RFID market adoption by inventing and disclosing a technology platform for making passive on-metal tags work reliably in real-world applications," said George E. Daddis, Jr., PhD, CEO of Omni-ID. "We will continue to support adoption of RFID world-wide by providing access to technology through our OGTL program. In fact, we are very pleased to announce a recent licensing agreement with SATO Material Company Limited (100% Group Company of SATO Holding Corporation) as part of this program. The interest level for further licensing is high and discussions are currently in process with several other firms in North America, Europe and Asia."

The formal agreement with SATO Holding Corporation enables cooperation between Omni-ID and SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labeling and EPC/RFID solutions headquartered in Hyogo Japan. As a result, new and innovative solutions are being introduced into the Japanese marketplace through this partnership.

Vendors interested in leveraging this technology program should contact Omni-ID. If you are an end-user and are concerned about whether your supplier is an authorized participant in the OGTL program or are interested in having them participate, please contact Omni-ID directly.

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