News | April 14, 2011

Omni-ID And Holland 1916 Partner To Co-Develop Passive UHF RFID Tags For Industrial Use

Source: Omni-ID

Rugged Tags Provide Real-Time Tracking to Reduce Costs and Improve Safety Compliance

RFID Journal LIVE! – Booth #530 – Omni-ID, the leading supplier of high-performance, passive UHF RFID tags, and Holland 1916, a manufacturer of high-quality, industrial identification products, recently announced a partnership between the two companies that has co-developed and will market two new, passive UHF RFID tags designed specifically for industrial workplaces. The new tags will replace manually tracking industrial machinery and lifting equipment used in oil and gas drilling, construction, and nuclear powerplants and are being introduced during the 9th annual RFID Journal Live! Conference in Orlando, FL.

The new 360° tag is encased in an industrial steel frame with a tether attachment designed to meet the needs of oil and gas users and other heavy industry applications. It is designed for lifting equipment, such as cranes, slings, and shackles, and other assets that may be stacked high or in places difficult to reach. The new Forte tag has a weldable steel frame and strong dual-band response, and is designed specifically for tracking of heavy industrial assets subject to movement, impact and harsh environmental conditions.

These new stainless steel-encased tags will help companies boost profitability by reducing the complexity and cost of inventory management through safe, accurate, and instantaneous reporting of the location and condition of assets. They also can improve compliance with federal government safety laws by making identifications easy to read at safe distances. Both tags comply with the EPC Gen 2 standard for passive RFID tags set by EPC Global, the worldwide standards organization.

"Omni-ID's super-durable, high-performance passive UHF RFID solutions are a home run for industrial workplaces because accurate and easy tracking increases how often equipment can be used and that helps companies avoid unnecessary capital investment," said Mike Stradinger, Holland 1916's president.

Holland 1916 is piloting the use of the 3600 with natural gas venture Dolphin Energy Equipment of the United Arab Emirates.

"Holland 1916 recognized early on the value RFID can add to its customers' bottom line. We're excited to combine our tracking expertise with their knowledge of durable identification systems to make asset management more efficient, safer, and less costly," said James Arnold, Omni-ID's chief executive officer.

Both of these tags will be on display at RFID Journal Live in Omni-ID's Booth #530. Representatives from Holland 1916 will also be present in Omni-ID's booth to answer questions about the tags and their applications in industrial markets.

About Holland 1916
Founded in 1916, Holland 1916 manufactures quality identification products to convey branding, operating, and safety information. Its product line incorporates nameplates, panels, labels, decals membrane switches, touch screens, RFID tag carriers, consoles, and other products for industrial use, such as mining, construction, and oil and gas exploration. The company is headquartered in Kansas City, MO.

About Omni-ID
Omni-ID is the leading supplier of passive, low profile UHF RFID solutions. Omni-ID's patent-pending technology enables a broad range of new applications to improve asset tracking, supply chain management and work-in-process. Omni-ID's family of versatile RFID tags works reliably in the harshest environments, including on, off, and near metal and liquids, and excels in solving tracking and identification challenges with unprecedented accuracy. For more information, visit