News | December 21, 2022

OffGrid Launches Innovative Faraday Wallet

  • Stop Mobile Phone Hackers in Their Tracks with the All-New Switch Faraday Wallet
  • The unobtrusive product helps to keep each device out of harm's way.

Santa Barbara, CA /PRNewswire/ - Every day, it seems hackers become more brazen as they seek to access a mobile device to cause their own brand of havoc. In just the last year, more than ten million devices worldwide were affected, and ordinary people are scrambling to seek protection. It's great to know that a relatively simple but powerful product that can quickly elevate digital security in any situation is now available. Meet the Switch Faraday Wallet by OffGrid.

Activated Electronic Stealth Mode
The OffGrid Switch Faraday Wallet transforms an everyday wallet into a high-security mobile phone case as soon as you insert your device. The wallet's hidden pocket cuts the phone off from all cell, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi signals and places it in an electronic stealth mode. It will now be impossible to hack the device, track its location, or identify its owner.

Protection for the Individual
"At OffGrid, we started as a company serving the most elite security firms, but now we're focusing on protecting the cybersecurity of everyone, everywhere," says owner, Nick Adelchanow. "Faraday bags provide the highest levels of protection for your electronics. Unfortunately, even if you own one, you're unlikely to have it with you when you find yourself in a high-risk environment. OffGrid Switch ensures you're always prepared, letting you operate on or offline with the assurance that your personal data is safe from nonconsensual invasion."

A Faraday wallet is a type of Faraday cage. When you insert the device, it'll be surrounded by a mesh of conducting materials. If an incoming electronic field touches the cage, it will interact with this material, scrambling the field to disrupt its intent.

Sleek and Low-Profile
But this is not some bulky container that will get in the way of your busy day. It's a sleek, low-profile wallet that will also hold your cash, cards, and ID. All panels are metal lined providing RFID protection commonly found in most wallets, but simply flip the wallet open and slide a phone in for full shielding.

This wallet is also made from premium, rugged, weather-resistant polyester and has an attractive design. It features an additional quick-access card holder for your most frequently accessed ID, debit, or credit card.

Limited Availability
The OffGrid Switch Faraday Wallet is now available for a limited time, and interested parties should get in touch with the company below for more detail.

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