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Retail RFID – Improving The Customer Experience Means Increasing Demand For Source Tagging By Suppliers
By Ann Marie Phanuef, Director Channel Sales, SATO America
As Retailers expand the implementation of item-level RFID, how do suppliers meet the requirements placed on them for source tagging? Initiatives by retailers’ to-date have largely been focused on inventory management of specific products and tagging of the items done in the DC or store.  But as retailers go beyond modest-scope goals and tagging of specific items such as shoes, bras and denim the shift to source tagging by retail suppliers will continue to grow.
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Omni-ID Fit 400P Datasheet
Omni-ID Fit 400P is a small form factor, high performance RFID tag optimized for attachment to plastic assets and embedding into plastic materials. Fit 400P features a high sensitivity RF design and broad read angle enabling handheld and portal reading. Compat- ible with finishing processes including heat shrink, potting and injection moulding, Fit 400P is an excellent covert tag solution.
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