News | August 18, 2020

New Handheld Scanner Integrates LF/HF RFID And 1D/2D Barcode

JADAK, Imprivata and HID partnership results in first product on the market made specifically for the healthcare continuum

JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), announces the release of the HS-1RS Secure Access Handheld Barcode Scanner, enabled with software from Imprivata and HID. The HS-1RS integrates 1D and 2D barcode scanning with LF/HF RFID smartcard/contact-less and prox card reading functionality in a single, ergonomic, and compact design. Clinicians can now use any ID badge for seamless and secure user authentication and access to medical devices while also capturing barcode data, such as patient wristbands or medication information, with a single device.

The HS-1RS Secure Access Scanner will help healthcare facilities adhere to recent guidelines from the FDA and the Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force requiring strong authentication by protecting patient information, ensuring that only authorized users can access medical devices and maintaining electronic records of staff members who have accessed the device, interacted with patients or administered medications. Through the JADAK partnerships with Imprivata and HID, now a single device can read all badge types from barcode to encrypted high frequency (HID iClass) as well as easily integrate into existing hospital ecosystems that utilize Imprivata single sign-on workflows. The Imprivata integration also saves valuable OEM engineering time and effort in three core areas including detect & connect, configuration and data retrieval to the hospital device.

Additional benefits to healthcare facilities include simplified workflows, time savings, and infection control, since clinicians can quickly tap their ID badge to log into devices or medicine cabinets as well identify patients instead of using a password or other methods that can spread infection and add a significant amount of time to the clinician workflow. And since the scanner was designed specifically for healthcare applications, the plastics are durable and sealed against sterilization and strong disinfectants typically used in hospital settings.

“We’re proud to partner with both Imprivata and HID and be the first to solve this challenge for our customers,” said Kurt Matheson, VP of Sales and Marketing, JADAK. “There are so many badge technologies it’s difficult for our customers to accommodate all of them, so this product provides a compatible solution for any LF or HF RFID badge type. Plus, hospitals are already familiar with industry leading Imprivata software, so integration and staff training should be seamless as well.”

Additional highlights of the HS-1RS Secure Access Handheld Barcode Scanner include:

  • Future-proof hardware, as hospitals adopt RFID for secure login, the device will not need to be replaced
  • Superior performance in scan speed, motion tolerance, curved surfaces and poor/damaged codes
  • Lifecycle management of the device is covered by JADAK—if changes occur backwards compatibility is guaranteed
  • IP54 Rating to ensure internal components are protected during disinfection
  • Ergonomic form factor for clinician comfort and ease of use

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Source: JADAK