News | June 25, 2013

Neology Introduces Flexible Dual Frequency Electronic Toll Tags

Dual Frequency Flexible Sticker Tag

San Diego, CA (Marketwired) - Neology, a leader in secure high-value Radio Frequency Identification solutions, compliments recently announced dual technology hard case tags with NFC enabled Electronic Toll Sticker tags. The flexible, windshield mounted sticker tags include the same functional characteristics as the hard case tags, but offer the advantages of Neology's patented visual security features. The sticker tags are non-transferable and have a holographic security element incorporated.

The dual frequency transponders can identify themselves to a smartphone. The smartphone can be linked to an e-wallet or other funding account so that in a matter of seconds, a user can pay his toll and continue on his trip without further delay and without ever leaving his vehicle.

The reloading process is performed in seconds. Tapping a smartphone to an NFC/UHF RFID dual-frequency transponder will automatically open a corresponding application on the phone and read all relevant information from the transponder. There is no need to type any information except the amount to reload, credit card or other account to be used for this transaction and the security PIN code assigned to the e-wallet when it was created.

NFC technology is based on 13.56 MHz frequency using the ISO/IEC 14443 standard for contactless transactions, reader-to-reader or reader-to-tag processes.

NFC smartphones have an embedded NFC reader secure module (secure element) capable of communicating with other NFC phones, NFC-enabled points of sale (POS) and NFC transponders. By holding the phone as close as 10 cm to another NFC device, the phone will detect and respond automatically to establish a link with the other device without ever having to search for and open an application. All these steps are performed instantaneously and relevant data is retrieved, simplifying the process to such an extent that any user without special knowledge can complete a transaction in seconds.

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