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National Office System's RFID Tracking Technology Finds Able

National Office Systems (NOS) announces contract with Able Moving & Storage to provide RFID technology for its corporate relocations.

Beltsville, MD /PRNewswire/ - "Finding new markets for the same technologies that are driving the document efficiency revolution is key to survival in this industry," says NOS Principal and Co-owner Joseph Alvarez, "and we commend Able for taking this forward step on behalf of its customers."

NOS is currently considered the Mid-Atlantic frontrunner in the document storage solutions business. When Alvarez and his partner purchased the company in 1991 it had 5 employees. With 125 employees and strong national presence, NOS not only has an interest in every conventional aspect of the industry, but has made a name for itself in specialty storage and storage architecture as well.

Understanding the eventual need for RFID applications that would embrace historical barcode technology, NOS purchased a software company that has essentially allowed them to pioneer programs to combine the two. "The ability to quickly roll out industry-specific software for new clients has helped us to stay ahead of most of our competition, so identifying a new compatible use is of real value to us," says Alvarez.

Whether assets are in transit or in storage, facility executives that contract with Able will be able to use the NOS software to instantaneously inventory the entirety of these holdings, including photographic data.

NOS endorses a practice of encouraging clients to identify the return on investment it will recapture from the employment of any of its products. RFID tracking assets for a moving company will cut down on labor costs. Digitizing documents for a law firm will eliminate costly square footage. Maintaining a chain of custody for important legal documents or evidence in a law enforcement case will curb needless procedural redundancies.

Able Chief Operating Officer Steve Kuhn views the partnership with NOS as a vital aspect of future customer satisfaction and company growth.

"The overwhelming response we got from a short survey of our current customer base regarding the NOS product we were considering made moving forward with it a foregone conclusion," Kuhn stated.

The low cost of passive RFID sensing has opened up a broad range of possible clientele for the data storage industry, and NOS finds itself uniquely positioned to provide services to anyone who benefits from this more accessible technology.

"Combining the rapid advancement of RFID technology with the industry staples we are already fluent in, such as scanning, specialty storage, and furniture design, has propelled our custom capabilities to industry highs," remarks Alvarez. "We challenge ourselves to find unique answers for every one of our clients, and we are pleased to be doing this for Able."

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