Datasheet | July 1, 2008

Product Sheet: Intelleflex: I-Beam™500 Multi-Protocol RFID Reader

Source: Intelleflex Corporation

The Intelleflex I-Beam™ 500 multi-protocol RFID reader provides extended capabilities with industry-leading range and read/write reliability. The I-Beam 500 reader's advanced design ensures easy fi eld upgradeability to new and enhanced features, as well as future industry standards. The reader's intuitive graphical user interface offers exceptional ease of use.

The multi-user/multi-tasking software supports up to seven simultaneous sessions so that multiple applications can interact with the reader. This feature greatly simplifi es both system and application design.

The I-Beam 500's fl exible network connectivity and discovery capabilities enable easy integration into existing networks. Its built-in web server provides reader status reporting, remote reader confi guration, and reader fi rmware upgrades. It also provides web-based tag inventorying, tag memory reading/writing, and tag commissioning. To aid setup and troubleshooting, the I-Beam 500 provides a spectral monitoring display via a web page or as an XML data stream. It also allows for the hosting of custom web pages and Java applications.

Advanced Design

  • High sensitivity receiver
  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Advanced tag-singulation algorithms
  • Multiple session support
  • Reader discipline
  • Triggers and alarms
  • Web and Java application hosting