News | April 27, 2009

Mojix And InSync Announce Partnership To Deliver Passive RFID RTLS Solutions

Source: InSync Software, Inc.

Mojix and InSync Software, Inc recently announced the two companies are working together to deliver complete hardware, software and application solutions utilizing passive RFID technology for customers in a broad range of industries. The pairing of InSync's application platform, predefined workflows and utilities, award winning dashboard design and functionality with the revolutionary Mojix STAR passive RFID system translates to improved asset utilization and operational efficiencies, and provides a more cost-effective alternative to active RFID RTLS solutions.

Through this partnership, Mojix utilized InSync's iApp platform to enable the new Mojix Insight™ RTLS application, a new packaged solution offered with the Mojix STAR system, to provide first tier asset visibility and management of simple common workflows. InSync's iApp Application Builder is a web-based development platform for RFID, GPS and other sensor-driven applications. iApp features a collection of highly configurable services, predefined workflows, and management utilities. Leveraging InSync's platform, Mojix Insight has the capability to integrate to enterprise and backend (WMS) systems, provide dynamic business logic, and display consolidated, real-time information on top of imaging, mapping and other visual reference media.

"Customers require complete solutions to derive business value from RFID deployments. The integration of the Mojix STAR system and InSync's platform and vertical market applications offering, enables customers to more rapidly deploy passive RFID RTLS solutions to locate and track goods and assets, and apply that data to improve their overall business processes," said Dr. Ramin Sadr, CEO, Mojix Inc.

"Mojix technology is enabling passive RFID to deliver RTLS capability, breaking new ground for customers to deploy RFID and realize greater value from RFID deployments. Our partnership with Mojix is a great opportunity to provide the software backbone for the most innovative and effective RFID applications," said Ashish Chona, CEO, InSync Software, Inc.

About Mojix
Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Mojix, Inc. was founded in 2004 by a team of former JPL/NASA scientists and engineers with the vision of applying breakthroughs in deep space communications to exponentially refine the precision, reach and scope of RFID technology. The first in a game-changing new class of RFID systems, the Mojix STAR (SpaceTime Array Reader) system introduces capabilities orders of magnitude beyond conventional passive RFID offerings to enable economical, large-scale and high-volume RFID deployment. Mojix is privately held with funding from Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures and InnoCal Venture Capital. For more information, visit

SOURCE: InSync Software, Inc.