Industrial Portals, A Division Of Jamison Door Company: MOD3 Guardian RFID Portals

Source: Industrial Portals, a Division of Jamison Door Company
"The same strength and versatility of the MOD2 with equipment section moved down behind the antennas. Both the reader unit and antenna mount kit are close to the same height."
MOD3 Reader Cabinets include two Easy Mount® antenna brackets, reader plate, power outlets, terminal strip, cableways, white ABS cover, and reader power supply bracket. Basic unit comes with openings for 3/4 in. EMT conduit connectors, Ethernet connectors and 10 ft. power cord cable.
Antenna Mount Kit (same for MOD2 & MOD3 models) includes Easy Mount® brackets, cableways, and leg support stands. Holes are provided (and capped) for pulling cables at various locations or when using additional equipment such as light stacks and motion sensors. Brand and model numbers of antennas being used must be provided at time of order.