White Paper

Mobile RFID Readers: Read Points That Move With Your Assets


Until today, there have only been two options for deploying RFID read points: permanently fixed RFID readers designed for traditional choke points, and handheld RFID readers for on-the-spot reading of specific tags. Visibility was primarily limited to entry and exit through key areas, such as dock doors, restricting the potential value of RFID. Inventory movement throughout your facility — for example, through put-away, replenishment and picking operations in the warehouse or from the back room to the retail shelves — remained invisible beyond on-demand handheld reading.

Imagine being able to capture information about your products and assets regardless of where they move and when they move – rather than only as they travel to defined points in their path. You have imagined the newest development in RFID — the mobile RFID read point. This new type of read point moves with your assets, complementing your fixed and handheld readers by eliminating the visibility gap' when inventory is on the move. The result is an entirely new level of visibility for your inventory — and greater benefits from your RFID system.

This white paper will explore this new technology, examining the requirements that drove development, the applications that will benefit from deployment, as well as the value to the enterprise.

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