Case Study

Minera Norway: Slate Manufacturer Implements Intermec RFID

Source: Intermec, Inc.

Slate Manufacturer Implements Intermec RFID for Faster Inventory Management, Improved Accuracy

Minera Norway, a Norwegian slate manufacturer, cuts slate rock into tiles and blocks used for flooring, walkways, roofing, and other applications. These products are then stored in an outdoor yard on pallets where they await shipment. However, because of the yard's size — 215,280 square feet — and large quantity of products, the company was easily losing track of where pallets were located and where their inventory was stored. During the harsh winters especially, the problem was even worse, as the pallets were often buried under a large layer of snow.

The company decided to engage with ACT System Skandanavia, an Intermec partner, to help devise a new, streamlined approach to pallet tracking.