News | April 10, 2023

MASS Group Launches New 'Find Tag' Functionality For RFID Mobile Readers

The New Traceability Made Easy 'Find Tag' Functionality Enables Users to Easily Locate Multiple RFID Tags at Once, Streamlining Asset and Inventory Tracking in Real-Time

MASS Group, a leading provider of inventory and asset tracking solutions, announced the launch of a new "Find Tag" functionality for its Traceability Made Easy (TME) Mobile version of the software. This new feature allows users to easily search for and locate multiple RFID tags at once, making it simpler and more efficient to find assets and inventory in real-time.

With the new "Find Tag" functionality, users can select an item within TME Mobile, click the Find Tag button and hold down the trigger on the RFID mobile reader. An indicator will light up when the tag is found. By integrating the software and hardware to enhance RFID functionality, organizations will easily cut their physical inventory labor in half, if not more.

"We are thrilled to introduce this new feature to our customers," said Gamal Balady, President of MASS Group. "Our goal has always been to make asset and inventory tracking as easy and efficient as possible, and this new functionality is a major step forward in achieving that goal."

In addition to the "Find Tag" feature, the RFID mobile readers are equipped with other advanced features such as location tracking and real-time data syncing with the cloud-based Traceability Made Easy (TME) software. This allows users to easily monitor and manage their assets from anywhere, at any time.

Source: MASS Group