Guest Column | November 4, 2010

Managing MRO And Tools: Are You Ready For The Wave?

By Robert Holmes, WinWare, Inc.

So it is a 95-degree, beautiful, sunny day on the California coast, and you decide to go surfing with a few buddies. The surf has been much better, but it is not too bad and certainly enough to have a good time. When you arrive there, your one buddy shows up with this 16-foot board that is big enough to mount a recliner on top. After taking the incessant laughter, he simply responds, "You watch, the surf is gonna get big, and I will be ready."

You can imagine the rest of the story. Your buddy struggles to get positioned properly on his board. He worked like a dog to get ready to surf as the rest the group surfs around him as he paddles. He finally gets in a position to ride a wave, and the waves aren't big enough to move that beast of a board. He still sits proudly perched upon that board saying, "You watch and I will be ready." And then they see it. Off in the distance, a giant rogue wave is rapidly heading their way. All of a sudden, the positioning of your buddy seems to make sense — while the rest of your group is about to get slammed, your buddy is prepared to take the ride of his life.