Fixed Reader Antennas

Source: Micronetics, Inc.
Fixed Reader Antennas
Micronetics RFID Antennas include mono-static and bi-static designs. We offer the first wideband, high performance RFID antenna, allowing one model to meet Japanese, European and North American RFID standards. Our ruggedized antennas are designed to withstand abuse and wear-and-tear. Our Direction-of-Travel (DoT) RFID antennas track movement and eliminate both specialized mounting and costly & complicated sensors, simplifying your installation. Our design library, and experienced engineers ensure you will have the perfect antenna for your application.

Micronetics RFID Solutions offers RFID antennas in circular or linear polarization, in bi-static and mono-static configurations. Our antennas feature high gain and wide beam width for increased read range. These light weight, small footprint designs are ideal for all RFID applications.

Our antenna family includes fixed and portable/handheld reader antennas, including our exclusive Direction of Travel (DoT) and the first multi-band (universal) RFID antenna. Our rugged baler antenna is built to take abuse, and our near-field antenna designs will take RFID integration to the next level.

Our engineers work with you to ensure the best RFID antenna solution for your specific needs.

Fixed RFID Antennas
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Custom Design
Micronetics has over 300 RFID antenna designs, and specialized engineers to handle any antenna need.

Handheld / Portable RFID Antennas
Because handheld and portable RFID readers vary in size and shape, we offer your business custom designed RFID antennas. Our designs increased range, coupled with low VSWR for a more power efficient antenna, make Micronetics RFID engineers the right team for you. Please contact us so we can serve you better.

Integrated Antenna Systems
We offer reader antenna integrations customized for your application from wall mount to our fixed portal systems.