News | April 20, 2009

Lowest Cost UHF RFID Handheld Reader

Source: Applied Wireless ID

Existing UHF RFID handheld terminals tend to be heavy and expensive. This has hindered the pace of RFID adoption in many verticals. AWID breaks the barriers with a new handheld RFID reader with state of the art technology at a price that will bring a smile to even the most cost conscious.

AWID's ruggedized RFID Handheld Reader features:

  • WinCE 5.0 Professional Plus Operating System
  • Dual Technology 2D Barcode Scanner and UHF RFID Reader Standard
  • IP55 rated and 1.2m drop tested
  • Lightest in its class with superior ergonomics
  • WLAN 802.11b/g and Bluetooth connectivity built-in
  • Installed Demo Program for out-of-the-box read functionality
  • SDK compatible with DotNet or Java included at no cost
  • Power adapter/synch cable, charging power supply and battery pack all included

The new handheld terminal is powered by AWID's MPR-1750 UHF RFID reader module, utilizing the Intel® R1000 Transceiver. Its multi-protocol operation covers ISO 18000-6 Type B/C, and EPC C1G2, with models that work from 860MHz to 960MHz. The circularly polarized antenna is optimized for this handheld to deliver up to 2 meters of reading distance at only 1/2 Watt output power.

Target Applications of the new Handheld Terminal:

  • Mobile inventory management
  • Asset identification/authentication
  • Mobile point-of-sale
  • Asset tracking
  • Electronic vehicle registration/validation

About AWID

AWID is a leading provider of RFID readers and reader modules for embedded markets, security industries, and asset management. For years, AWID has been a trusted name in RFID technology providing products for Asset Management including:
  • Asset Tracking
  • Real-time Inventory
  • Manufacturing Work-in-Process
  • Smart Shelf
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Printer Encoders
  • Handheld Readers
  • Medical Device Authentication/authorization
  • Anti-counterfeit

AWID combines proprietary and best-available technology with design expertise in antenna, RF, and communication systems to create the best of the breed RFID products. AWID excels at providing RFID knowledge for myriads of applications and satisfying customers' challenging requirements.

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SOURCE: Applied Wireless ID