Datasheet | November 11, 2009

Product Sheet: Lexmark FileTrail Software

Source: Lexmark

All it takes is one lost or misplaced piece of evidence to disrupt a trial or derail a legal proceeding. With cases growing and resources shrinking, you need a streamlined evidence-handling solution that offers higher efficiency and a more secure chain of custody. Lexmark, FileTrail and Pinnacle Label have teamed up to offer a Web-based state-of-the-art solution for evidence tracking.

A Fully Integrated System
FileTrail software will allow you to track any item no matter where it is located. It makes taking inventory or conducting an audit a quick and painless process. With this software, you can search for items with user-definable index fields, check items in or out and track who has them, and schedule dates for removal and disposal. FileTrail can also generate multiple reports for improved security and accuracy. With the Quick Maps feature, you can even map out an area so you can visually see where an item is located.