News | May 30, 2024

Leonardo US Cyber And Security Solutions Receives A Patent For Their New Electronic Signature Tracking System For Law Enforcement

Greensboro, NC (BUSINESS WIRE) - Leonardo US Cyber and Security Solutions, LLC (formerly Selex ES), the U.S. subsidiary of Leonardo, the leading global aerospace, defense, and security company, received patent US 11,941,716 B2 on March 26, 2024, for SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE TRACKING. This ground-breaking software technology is branded as the ELSAG® EOC Plus and is an electronic detection system designed to help law enforcement identify people of interest by the signatures their electronic devices emit, such as fitness trackers, RFID tags, and local signals from their mobile phones.

The ELSAG EOC Plus was designed and engineered to leverage Leonardo's ELSAG automatic license plate recognition (LPR) technology beyond vehicle-related crime. "The future of LPR advancements is reliant on enhancing LPR data sets with additional information from various electronic devices to find the individuals police are looking for," says Jason Laquatra, general manager of Leonardo US Cyber and Security Solutions, LLC.

The identification system uses sensors placed along roadways to capture the frequencies emitted by consumer electronic devices. It creates an electronic signature for each set of devices that routinely travel together. If LPR cameras are deployed at the same sites as EOC Plus sensors, officers can match the date and time stamps from both systems to associate a specific license plate number with a signature. Even without LPR cameras, law enforcement can identify the location, date, and time of electronic signatures, which can help them find suspects, victims, and witnesses faster.

Features and Benefits of ELSAG EOC Plus:

  • Allows law enforcement to recognize a specific vehicle by electronic signature even if the license plate is removed, obscured, or changed
  • Enhances discovery of gang, trafficking, and convoy patterns
  • Stores data on an ELSAG EOC data management server for in-depth query and analysis
  • Is effective for use in off-road areas such as rail stations and shopping centers

ELSAG EOC Plus can be configured to read frequencies from GPS jammers and radiation detectors in addition to the consumer products. "It's an invaluable technology that expands law enforcement's ability to find the individuals they believe can help their investigations, even when LPR cameras aren't present," Laquatra says.

ELSAG EOC Plus captures device frequencies emitted into the air. It does not decrypt or capture the contents of the devices or their communications.

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