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Kyocera's Smart Mobile Computing And Scanning Solution Combines Rugged 5G Smartphones, AsReader Scanners, And Seiko Printers To Optimize Productivity


Kyocera today announced the launch of its latest offering to maximize business productivity using mobile technology: Smart Mobile Computing and Scanning. The complete solution operates using Kyocera’s rugged 5G smartphones DuraForce PRO 3 and DuraSport 5G; a variety of handheld, long-range scanners and RFID readers from AsReader; and compact Seiko mobile printers, all supported by industry-leading two-year manufacturer’s warranties and superior customer service.

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New modular, affordable smart computing solution combines Kyocera rugged smartphones with AsReader handheld, long-range scanners and RFID readers and compact mobile printers from Seiko. (Photo: Business Wire)

New modular, affordable smart computing solution combines Kyocera rugged smartphones with AsReader handheld, long-range scanners and RFID readers and compact mobile printers from Seiko. (Photo: Business Wire)

Kyocera will be holding a special event in the Metaverse to introduce the smart scanning packages and enable businesses, consumers, media and partners to virtually try out the new solution:

Media: Thursday, 3/21, 3 - 5 pm PDT. RSVP here.
Public: Friday, 3/22-Sunday, 3/24, 7 - 9 pm PDT Learn More

Businesses today need to explore every possible improvement in efficiency, productivity and cost to stay competitive. The latest mobile scanning capabilities offer speed and accuracy, enabling industries with harsh working environments like construction, warehousing and emergency response to scan inventory, equipment, new deliveries and even people more easily than ever before. For example, materials dropped at a construction site can be cataloged and monitored; inmates at a correctional facility can be tracked; and assets and equipment on a fire truck can be scanned after incidents to ensure expensive equipment isn’t left behind. While 1D and 2D scanning is used to scan specific items within line of sight, RFID offers the ability to quickly read multiple tags at once from up to 40 feet at up to 1,000+ tags per second, enhancing inventory control for items in large quantities.

This new solution combines the advantages of handheld scanners/RFID readers and mobile printers with rugged 5G smartphones to optimize use cases in the field for numerous industries, especially in harsh environments. In many worksites, smartphones are used to support multiple activities like taking photos or video to document a project or enabling Push-to-Talk (PTT) instant communication in loud warehouses while scanning on-site inventory, equipment, incoming products and outgoing shipments. Now, a Kyocera rugged smartphone can be installed in an AsReader custom case and used as a handheld scanner or RFID reader and simultaneously be connected to a Seiko mobile printer for quick label generation from virtually anywhere. When a long-range scanning or RFID solution is needed with gun-type handles, it can easily be achieved by utilizing a case with the AsLock magnetic connector. The entire phone/scanner solution can be charged with a single charging source and gun-type handles can easily be shared among workers to reduce total cost of ownership.

Kyocera’s rugged 5G smartphones are engineered to withstand shock, drops, dirt, water immersion1 and the elements, with an all-day battery2. They can be washed and sanitized to eliminate grit and grime after rough days in the field. Combined with Seiko’s mobile printer, which is small and light enough to be worn on a belt, the solution helps with instant labels, paper copy receipts, and/or validation in the field. The Smart Mobile Computing and Scanning Solution modular options include:

  • Handheld Scanner for reading 1D/2D Barcodes, QR Codes, and OCR for quick reading of driver’s licenses and passports. Ideal for fast, accurate scanning from distances up to 3 feet;
  • Long Range Gun-Type Scanner for reading 1D/2D Barcodes. Ideal for fast, accurate scanning from distances up to 50 feet;
  • Incredibly fast RFID Reader/Writer for reading tags from up to 40 feet at over 1000 tags per second;
  • AsCamera X Scanning Software, which leverages the large external programmable button on Kyocera’s smartphones for ease of use (available at the Google Play Store);
  • Seiko Mobile Printers – Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-inch widths, compatible with ZPL (Zebra Printer language) and other key print languages. The MP-B21L, MP-B30L, and MP-A40 all print on either paper or label stock.

For integration into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the smart scanner solution captures data using the free AsReader Software Development Kit (SDK) plus a third-party middleware software such as RFGen. The data is then formatted to integrate into a backend Warehouse Management System (WMS). Scanned data can also be captured using Human Interface Device Mode (HID) on the smartphone. HID Mode acts as a keyboard emulator, providing scanned data into a spreadsheet or form exactly as if it were typed manually without third-party middleware software or the SDK. See the scanning solution in action here.

Kyocera has been testing the solution in one of its busiest warehouses in Vancouver, Washington. “We store products for three divisions in this warehouse, all with unique requirements: fine ceramics, optical components, and application products,” said Chris Vitagliano, Logistics Manager, Kyocera International, Inc. “A barcode solution is critical to keeping up with demand without increasing labor costs. This new product has helped us with its versatility, value and overall support. I can plug my DuraSport 5G into various AsReader scanners easily and know that there’s little learning curve for my team.”

“Kyocera is dedicated to helping solve business challenges, and this easy-to-use smart mobile scanning solution with reliable and modular hardware will help both large enterprises and small businesses faced with constant scanning needs,” said Vipul Dalal, Divisional Vice President at Kyocera’s Communications Equipment Group. “These affordable packages offer something for every vertical, from healthcare to warehouse logistics or government and police forces – small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises.”

“We’ll be the third Kyocera division to showcase a new product in the Kyocera World Metaverse,” Dalal added. “This amazing virtual world has been a helpful tool for engaging potential customers, consumers, media, and potential partners across the globe. It gives everyone a simple way to learn and experience technology from the comfort of their home or office.”

Designed and pioneered in Japan, the solution comes with two-year standard manufacturer’s warranties and a variety of options to meet diverse business needs, ranging in price from $649 to $1,785.

  • Handheld Scanner Kit with DuraSport 5G Smartphone – 5-piece package with DuraSport 5G Unlocked rugged Android smartphone, sled scanner, two-inch USB-C/C cable, AsLock Connector, and rubberized case for connecting phone to the scanner base. $1,167
  • Long Range Gun-Type Scanner Kit with DuraSport 5G Smartphone – 6-piece package including DuraSport 5G Unlocked rugged Android smartphone, scanner, AsLock Adapter, USB-C/C Cable, USB-C to USB-C Magnet Tip Charging Cable, and rubberized DuraSport 5G case for connecting phone to scanner base. $1,785
  • Handheld Scanner Kit – 4-piece kit with sled scanner, two-inch USB-C/C cable, AsLock Connector, and rubberized case for connecting phone to scanner base. $649
  • Long Range Gun-Type Scanner Kit – 5-piece kit, with Scanner, AsLock Adapter, USB-C/C Cable, USB-C to USB-C Magnet Tip Charging Cable, and rubberized DuraSport 5G case for connecting phone to scanner base. $1,299
  • RFID Reader/Writer Kit – Available late March
  • Seiko Mobile Printers – Easily integrated into any of the above solutions:
    MP-B20, 2” width paper thermal printer: $253
    MP-B30L, 3” width paper/label thermal printer: $520
    MP-A40, 4” width paper/label rugged thermal printer: $866

Kyocera’s Smart Mobile Scanning Solution is available now in the company’s Solutions Store. Any individual component can be purchased separately if users already have the smartphone, scanners or mobile printer.

1 IPX8 Waterproof for low pressure water jets and immersion at 6.5 feet for 30 mins; IP6X dust proof, blowing dust & sand; drop proof up to 5 ft. on concrete.
2 Exact battery performance varies based on apps in use and working conditions.

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