News | May 18, 2021

Keyless Achieves FIDO Biometric Certification For Proprietary Biometric Software

Keyless has been certified by the FIDO Alliance for meeting globally recognized standards for the startup's proprietary facial recognition and anti-spoofing technology

London /PRNewswire/ - Keyless, a cybersecurity platform pioneering privacy-first authentication and identity management solutions for the enterprise, today announced that it's achieved FIDO Biometrics Certification for its proprietary facial recognition technology.

Joining the likes of Samsung and Alibaba, Keyless is one of only seven vendors that have had their proprietary biometric software certified by the FIDO Alliance. Specifically, The FIDO Biometrics Certification validates that Keyless's facial recognition technology meets industry standards for user verification and spoofing detection accuracy.

"FIDO Alliance's Biometric Component Certification Program provides customers with a standardized way to trust the biometric systems they rely upon for fingerprint, iris, face, and/or voice recognition. By achieving FIDO Biometric Component Certification, Keyless has demonstrated, through comprehensive testing by an accredited third-party lab, that its facial recognition technology can reliably authenticate users correctly, and detect various kinds of fraudulent authentication attempts," said Dr. Rae Rivera, FIDO Alliance's Director of Certification.

The FIDO Alliance is a cross-industry coalition creating open standards that make it easier for people and devices to safely and securely connect to online services. The FIDO Biometric Component Certification program aims to ensure that a vendor's biometric technology is fit for commercial use by carrying out assessments run by accredited independent labs.

The assessments – carried out by Fime, a globally recognized leader in consulting and testing in payments and smart mobility – aim to test the reliability of biometric recognition and threat recognition subcomponents.

"Keyless satisfactorily completed our assessments, having a false acceptance rate of 0,00% with an upper bound of 80% confidence, which is less than the 1:10,000 limit (UB 80%) needed to achieve certification. Keyless software also detected the 500 malicious authentication attempts during our testing – indicating that Keyless propriety biometric technology far exceeds industry security standards for biometric performance," said Lionel Grosclaude, Fime Chief Executive Officer.

The London-based cybersecurity firm has been creating a splash in the authentication and identity management industry with its novel application of privacy-enhancing technologies to biometrics, enabling it to securely perform biometric authentication without needing to store, process or manage biometric data.

"In today's evolving threat landscape, organizations have a serious obligation to protect customer data from privacy and security breaches that could expose users to identity theft, fraud, and financial crime. We take this obligation very seriously, leading us to complete the FIDO Biometric Certification Program to ensure that our biometric authentication technology meets globally recognized security and privacy standards," said Andrea Carmignani, Keyless co-founder and chief executive officer.

About Keyless
Keyless is a deep-tech cybersecurity company that offers privacy-first passwordless authentication and personal identity management solutions for the enterprise. They are the first to combine multi-modal biometrics with privacy-enhancing technologies and a distributed cloud network. Keyless's proprietary technology eliminates the need for businesses to centrally store and manage passwords, biometric data, and other sensitive personally identifiable information.

Source: Keyless Technologies

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