News | April 22, 2010

Jamison Introduces Low-Cost Space-Saving RFID Strip™

Source: Industrial Portals, a Division of Jamison Door Company

Jamison's Industrial Portals, the world's leading manufacturer of RFID housing structures, pedestals, portals, and RFID enclosures and mounting components, has just announced the introduction of its new RFID Strip™.

The RFID Strip is the first in Jamison's new line of compact RFID units that offer cost-savings on installation, set-up, and deployment for a variety of retail, manufacturing and supply chain asset tracking, healthcare, hospitality and DoD/government applications.

"The units are lightweight, space-saving, easily wall-mountable, and are sold with all of the equipment you need right out of the box," said Tim Buckley of Jamison Industrial Portals, "Simply mount the unit, plug into power or Ethernet for POE, load whatever software you want to use, and you are ready to read tags."

RFID Strip models include either the Motorola FX7400 or Impinj Revolution Reader inside, four (4) high-quality short-range RFID antennas, a buzzer/alarm, motion sensor, LED display, ABS snap-on cover, and mounting hardware. The RFID Strip can be AC powered, or Power-Over-Ethernet (POE). At only 15 lbs. the units can be shipped inexpensively.

Many companies that have been looking to implement RFID strategies have struggled with the high cost and larger sizes of RFID units for areas where short read zones are required, or where there are many read points in a facility, or where tight spaces are encountered. The RFID Strip is well-suited for multiple read points within a facility where traditional portals or pedestals are too large.

The RFID Strip is unique because it is the only small portal unit available with a variety of indicators and equipment, such as a programmable microwave motion sensor, a buzzer/alarm with different settings, and an LED display that can be programmed as a visual alert, all triggered by the tag read. The motion sensor saves power by activating the unit only when movement enters the defined read field. The audible and visual alarms are important for users that require an immediate alert on items or personnel entering or leaving a specific location.

By using the POE model, the unit eliminates the cost of locating power to the read points, saving from $600 to $1000 per location. "Among those people that wanted to implement RFID but found the high-cost of deployment an obstacle, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of this unit will now allow those potential users to reconsider RFID as a viable, cost-effective option," said Tim Buckley.

Jamison RFID sells its products through its distributor Anixter and a network of global RFID dealers and systems integrators. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Industrial Portals, a Division of Jamison Door Company