Brochure | November 1, 2010

Brochure: Iteltrac

Source: IDZ Technologies Inc.

Iteltrac is a user-friendly, web-based solution that provides object (tools, parts, equipment and other assets) tracking and visibility in real time.


  • Provides a fast and easy method for viewing the real-time movement of objects within an area
  • Generates reports and route information including traceable movements of objects, which can be exported in various digital forms
  • Supports global tracking technology, which enables you to locate objects anywhere in the world
  • Allows you to search tools via visual radar, giving the last known position of the desired object, enabling you to trace the path of the object from your location
  • Enables creation of traceable scenarios to detail the staff work areas and easily detect the behavior of objects
  • Creates traceable records of paths taken by objects, enabling observation of the positional - these records can be a single object or a set of objects in a selected area
  • Stores paths of each tool so they can be replayed at different speeds to observe, in detail, the object's trajectory
  • Creates partnerships between objects, allowing you to generate alarms and notifications and carry items without scanning device location
  • Displays the transportation routes employees take to get tools; can send notifications through the device location
  • Delivers a group of favorite items selected by the user for quick access to them
  • Minimizes training needs through straightforward, highly visual user interface
  • Maximizes security through obfuscation of logic
  • Provides highly-configurable object properties which can be easily modified as needed
  • Easily allows any user to fully utilize all the functionalities

Tech Specs

  • Iteltrac is a multi-technology based solution, which can use GPS, Active RFID and other ID technologies
  • The software is web based
  • It can be integrated into other IDZ solutions


  • Capable of outdoor-use, using GPS technology, or indoor-use, using Active or Passive RFID
  • It can be used to track Tools, Boxes, Vehicles, Parts, Equipment and/or Persons
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