Datasheet | September 17, 2009

Product Overview: OnAsset Platform - On Demand Intelligence For Remote Asset Management

The OnAsset Platform is the industry's most feature-rich, high-functioning hosted platform service for viewing and interacting with data gathered from remote assets via SENTRY and Guardian hardware solutions. Most applications today are developed specifically to extract and present telemetry data. The OnAsset Platform does this plus adds layers of functionality to help you achieve superior mobile asset management.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform: No infrastructure required. OnAsset is ready to go, accessible anytime, anywhere using the Internet.
  • Enterprise-grade Application: Serving Fortune 500 companies as well as government and military, OnAsset is the platform of choice for high volume deployments.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Low training costs start with an easy-to-use Web interface. Gain access to all of your assets with a single, dashboard view.
  • Role-based Authorization: Manage user activity to ensure access to the right information. OnAsset enables role-based access to determine viewing and permissions to asset information.
  • Communications and Device Neutral: Important to the design and development of OnAsset Platform is neutrality toward different communications methods and devices. Support for communications includes cellular, satellite, and Internet. Moreover, additional support is available to connect devices that are not native to the OnAsset Platform.