Brochure | July 1, 2011

Brochure: IntelliCart™ Mobile RFID Cart

Source: Venture Research

Intelligent RFID Tracking In a Mobile Cart
The IntelliCart™ mobile cart solution provides the state of the art in tracking solutions where there is a need for an RFID reading surface in conjunction with a rugged intelligent integrated computing platform. IntelliCart™ is well suited for applications where battery powered mobility, UHF RFID tracking surfaces and a specially designed asset management solution is integral.

RFID Gen2 Compatible Shelf Surface
IntelliCart™ provides the exclusive "reader is the antenna" technology allowing for a UHF Gen2 reading surface that is only ½" tall. Many surfaces can be added in the mobile cart connected only with a low voltage daisy chain cable. The need for large readers, cables and antennas is eliminated.