News | March 4, 2009

InSync Yard Management Software Application Installed At Texas A&M

Source: InSync Software, Inc.

The Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), a Texas A&M engineering organization, has installed InSync's Yard Management Software Application in its university laboratory. Texas A&M was approached by South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant in Bay City, Texas, who has shown particular interest in track-and-trace applications for materials location and building processes for the construction of two new power plants. The Texas A&M faculty then worked with the power plant to demonstrate the viability of such a solution.

InSync's Yard management application was selected by the program, and installed in the lab by students in the College of Engineering program. Using the system, TEEX is able to demonstrate a complete RFID-driven track and trace application in action including RFID read/write simulations, check-in and check-out of materials, visual mapping capabilities, alert indicators and more.

The system goes a long way in proving that the use of these technologies allows companies to save significant time in locating the correct part needed at any point in construction. Further value and more precise real-time location information can be derived through the addition of GPS tracking capability, which can be leveraged to provide extended visibility of high value parts and materials (such as cable reels) that are subject to significant and constant movement in vast storage yard areas.

Additionally, students in the program were able to determine that incorporation of temperature sensors in these track-and-trace applications, specifically during the building process can ultimately provide safer overall buildings and structures. When concrete is poured, temperature sensing RFID tags can be used to monitor the curing process, ensuring maximum curing strength, and thus, optimal structural integrity.

InSync's software application is capable of receiving raw sensor and RFID data, such as pressure and temperature curing information from the field, and filtering it across incorporated business logic. By making sense of the information, and presenting it in a series of Rich RIA dashboards users can maintain a close eye on the building process, and issue alerts based on out-of-tolerance conditions.

"We were very please when Texas A&M approached us about the idea of using our software to demonstrate RFID's capability in this application," says Ravi Panja, CTO of InSync Software, Inc. "This TEEX program is doing all of us a favor, as it's putting RFID in the hands of the next generation of our best and brightest, and allowing them to innovate. Yard and Materials Management applications are have a very compelling value proposition, and I think this application in particular resonates with most companies facing challenges associated with construction delays and lost time in general."

Texas A&M RFID/Sensor Laboratory also plans to utilize InSync's Software to build the software infrastructure that the Lab can leverage for undergraduate and graduate education; designing pilot projects for private industry, applied research and developing a truly complete solution for real life customers. The Lab also plans to provide services for tracking and tracing applications for on-campus applications, such as chemical and biological container tracking, HazMat container tracking, etc.

"We are very thankful of InSync leadership for their vision and support to work with one of the largest colleges of engineering to create a true win-win, for our students, InSync, Texas A&M and private industry," says Dr. Ben Zoghi, Professor and Director of RFID Oil and Gas Consortium "This is a very important step in creating a long-term strategic partnership with private RFID companies who are in the leadership position."

About InSync Software, Inc.
InSync Software, Inc. provides software solutions that leverage RFID, GPS, and sensor technologies to locate and track assets, improve operational efficiencies, and manage risks. InSync's innovative software combines sensory data and enterprise information (via ERP, WMS, etc.) to actively manage assets regardless of their location. InSync's solutions provide customers with advanced levels of process governance and collaboration across disparate businesses and significantly reduce application development and deployment times.

InSync is an Intel Capital and Rustic Canyon company. InSync is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with offices in India and Asia.

SOURCE: InSync Software, Inc.