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InSync Software, Inc.'s iAppCloud™ Powers Beverage Metrics, Inc.'s 'The Drink That Thinks' Beverage Management Solution

Source: InSync Software, Inc.

Turn-key solution delivered as a cloud-based, managed service to end-users; leverages RFID, barcodes and sensors to track spirits, beer and wine consumption and usage in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, bars and at catered events

San Jose, CA /PRNewswire/ - Beverage Metrics, Inc., the leader in beverage management solutions, has chosen iAppCloud™, InSync Software's hosted RFID and sensor application design and runtime environment, as the platform for the industry's first complete real-time beverage consumption tracking solution, dubbed 'The Drink that Thinks.'

Beverage Metrics developed a patented collar sensor that fits securely over the neck of liquor and wine bottles. The collar contains an RFID tag, a tilt sensor, an accelerometer, and a temperature sensor. When a drink is poured, the sensor gathers data, including beverage type, time poured, and volume poured, and sends that data wirelessly to readers installed in the bar or on touchscreen tablets on banquet carts. The software then utilizes a proprietary algorithm to determine and record the exact amount of alcohol being poured, and makes the data instantly available in InSync's application.

When designing the solution, Beverage Metrics put a great deal of time and thought into the software portion of the solution. After considerable deliberation and evaluation of both in-house development and hosting capabilities and third-party ISVs, Beverage Metrics selected InSync's iAppCloud™ to manage 'The Drink That Thinks' Software interface.

By utilizing iAppCloud™ online deployment and multi-tenancy tools and capabilities, Beverage Metrics is able to offer 'The Drink that Thinks' to its customers as a hosted service, with the ability to set up multiple locations and organizations under a single or multiple umbrellas. Scalability was an important part of the solution Beverage Metrics required in order to meet the needs of large, global hospitality and hotel customers.

Whether it's in the storeroom on a PC, on a touchscreen tablet during a catering event, or on a laptop from home, 'The Drink that Thinks' software interface is easy to use. The interface leverages flex and flash graphic and design features to provide a real-time display of pours as they occur, inventory levels, and a variety of consumption metrics. Managers use the software and handheld barcode scanners to check-in and check-out bottles for events, adjust levels, and view inventories and metrics. When events are closed, staff members enter spillage and breakage reports on the touchscreen, and adjust returned bottle levels.

"What we envisioned with 'The Drink that Thinks' solution simply did not exist in the marketplace. iAppCloud™'s platform and runtime environment allowed us to transform our vision into reality by dramatically jump-starting our design and deployment and providing the robust hosting and scalability infrastructure we need to be able to offer our customers enterprise-class solutions," says Alain Piallat, CEO of Beverage Metrics. "These factors, in addition to InSync's experience with IDENTEC RFID hardware, made InSync the logical choice for us and they have greatly enhanced our product offering."

"The Drink that Thinks' is definitely a one-of-a-kind solution, and was an exciting project to be a part of," says Ravi Panja, President of InSync Software, Inc. "By utilizing iAppCloud™ for development, management and as a runtime environment for end-user applications, Beverage Metrics was able go from concept to finished product quickly, and has the infrastructure in place to rapidly scale with an expanding customer base."

Recently, InSync, and IDENTEC Solutions were recognized by RFID Journal for 'The Drink that Thinks' solution as a finalist in the RFID Journal LIVE! Best in Show Category. The system will be on display at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011 Booth #104 in Orlando, FL as part of the InSync, IDENTEC and Beverage Metrics booth.

Currently 'The Drink that Thinks' is being piloted by several major hotel chains in both bar and event deployments. The system is commercially available today, and can be purchased through Beverage Metrics.

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