News | January 21, 2011

InSync Software, Inc. And Zebra Enterprise Solutions Partner To Provide Increased Visibility To Customers

Source: InSync Software, Inc.

Oakland, CA — Zebra Enterprise Solutions (ZES), a division of Zebra Technologies, recently announced the addition of InSync Software, Inc. to its channel partner program. Through this relationship, ZES and InSync can now work collectively to offer complete hardware, software and application solutions to their customers. Specifically, InSync has incorporated support for ZES' Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology portfolio into its iApp product suite. Customers across a variety of industries using iApp software to develop, deploy and run sensor-driven solutions can now take advantage of the precise location, accuracy and real-time visibility ZES's UWB products deliver in highly mobile, high-value asset tracking applications.

InSync Software, Inc. provides the foundation for the world's leading radio-frequency identification (RFID), global positioning system (GPS) and sensor-driven line-of-business software applications. InSync's award-winning iApp Suite of software products allow customers to rapidly develop and deploy applications to locate and track assets, improve operational efficiencies and manage risks. Now, through its relationship with ZES, InSync offers total integration with ZES devices and can seamlessly integrate iApp applications with ZES' UWB technology portfolio. This portfolio includes DART for Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and VISION for RFID applications. DART and VISION utilize a patented short-pulse UWB technology, and provide a performance level that exceeds the capabilities of other RTLS and RFID solutions.

"As a software company, we pride ourselves in being able to match the right technology with the right application to best achieve our customers' goals," said Leif Chastaine, vice president of business development at InSync Software, Inc. "ZES' ability to deliver the most current, advanced technology gives us the opportunity to expand our business and continue to offer our customers innovative and customized solutions."

InSync will offer ZES as device options in both the iApp Builder and iApp Solution Sets. The InSync iApp Builder is the industry's best-in-class application builder for sensor-driven applications that leverage RFID, GPS and other technologies. From device-to-dashboard, the iApp Builder provides unsurpassed flexibility and ease of use. iApp Solution Sets (built using iApp builder) are pre-built solution templates for specific applications such as yard management, returnable container tracking, mobile or remote asset monitoring and others. The key capabilities of the ZES driver incorporation into iApp products include:

  • RTLS Driver – Completely configurable and can use position as well as presence information
  • Direction Events – Offers the ability to define color-coded zones on a map and raise an event when RFID tags enter/exit a defined zone
  • Timed Events – Capable of raising events when an asset doesn't spend minimum/maximum amount of time in a location/zone
  • RTLS Viewer – Displays assets in real-time and allows users to drill down on an image
  • Search Capabilities – Provides a summary search, which can be read from a mobile device, with drill down capability for specific assets on the server

"By working with InSync to create tailored solutions, we are able to reach new customers and partners," said Bill Bulzoni, director of business development for Zebra Enterprise Solutions. "Application software is becoming increasingly important to the business marketplace and we are excited about the future of our new relationship with InSync."

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InSync Software, Inc. provides the fabric for the world's leading RFID, GPS, and sensor-driven line-of-business software applications.InSync's iApp Suite of products provide a rich set of application building blocks and solution templates ideal for asset intensive industries across multiple industry verticals including Oil and Gas/Chemicals, Construction, High-Tech, Aerospace & Defense.

SOURCE: InSync Software, Inc.