News | May 8, 2009

InSync Introduces OnDemand iApp Builder Platform And iApp Solutions Gallery

Source: InSync Software, Inc.

InSync Software, provider of the fabric for the world's leading RFID, GPS, and sensor-driven software applications, is pleased to announce the release of the InSync iApp Builder, the industry's first Web 2.0 based, OnDemand platform for rapidly building and deploying RFID, GPS and sensor-driven applications. The release of iApp Builder comes in conjunction with the opening of InSync's iApp Solutions Galley, an online collection of RFID and Sensor-driven application templates.

Over the past two years, InSync and its partners in the RFID and sensor community have used InSync's award winning platform (iApp Builder) to develop and deploy applications that have improved the quality and safety of food for the majority of Americans, eliminated millions of dollars in costs for construction companies and reduced average lead times for consumers of high-tech electronics.

With the release of these products, weaving applications that leverage, RFID and Sensor devices has never been as simple or cost effective. Using InSync's OnDemand products, qualified partners, hardware providers, systems integrators and ISVs can now leverage the iApp Builder and a collection of process-rich solution templates in the InSync Solutions Gallery to rapidly build, prototype, test, deploy, replicate and sell applications across virtually ever market segment served by the RFID and Sensor community.

The iApp Builder features an extensive library of solution templates, web 2.0 dashboards, and process and UI widgets developed by InSync Software and its partners through real world application development and deployments. A comprehensive set of tools, including device configuration and monitoring, data filtering and transformation, workflow design, alert and status notifications setup and management and RTLS data visualization enables users to quickly configure processes such as check in/check out, shipping and receiving and RTLS location plotting based on specific business rules - all without writing custom code and expensive upfront capital expenditures for software licenses. Included in the iApp Builder is a cutting-edge simulation engine that allows users to test application behavior virtually, as well as demonstrate full application capabilities to prospective customers via a web meeting.

"InSync is embarking on a new path toward enabling applications and partner-based end-to-end solutions," says Michael J Liard, RFID Practice Director at ABI Research. "By shifting application development into the cloud and offering a library of pre-built application content, InSync is introducing a paradigm shift that benefits both end users and the AIDC partner community."

"The iApp builder builds upon our patented technology and encapsulates 4 years of knowledge gained in RFID and Sensor-based application deployments," says Ravi Panja, InSync Co-founder and CTO. "It moves application building away from hardware centric programming to an application centric configuration. This, in conjunction with pre-built line of business solution templates, will greatly accelerate the time to value for RFID and Sensor-based applications."

The InSync Solutions Gallery is a one-stop-shop for RFID and Sensor-driven application templates built using the iApp Builder. The Solutions Gallery is a resource library that can jumpstart development and deployment of RFID and Sensor based applications. The Gallery includes templates for applications such as, Laydown Yard and Materials Tracking, IT Asset Tracking, Returnable Container Tracking, Food Safety and Harvest Management and many others.

About InSync Software, Inc.
InSync Software, Inc. provides the fabric for the world's leading RFID, GPS, and sensor-driven software applications. InSync's renowned iApp Platform and iApp Solution Templates allow customers to rapidly develop and deploy applications to locate and track assets, improve operational efficiencies, and manage risks. InSync's software combines sensory data and enterprise information (via ERP, WMS, etc.) to actively manage assets regardless of their location.

SOURCE: InSync Software, Inc.