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White Paper: Improving Patient Care By Optimizing Asset Visibility

Source: RF Code
White Paper: Improving Patient Care By Optimizing Asset Visibility

In the pressure-filled environment that dominates the healthcare industry, hospitals are striving to improve patient care while controlling costs. The ability to pursue these seemingly opposite objectives can be enhanced by optimizing the use of medical equipment and automating appropriate business processes.

Healthcare equipment is constantly on the move as it is shared among floors, returned for maintenance and cleaning, and put back into service. RF Code and its partners deliver asset tracking solutions for healthcare which automate procedures and increase the utilization of the assets which contribute to real- world savings. We help hospitals improve patient care and billing accuracy by facilitating the real-time management of medical assets.

With nearly a decade of success in the development of active RFID asset tracking solutions, RF Code's patented technology has been deployed at major medical facilities to maximize the utilization of both owned and leased equipment, optimize patient flow and enable real-time decision making.

RF Code provides award-winning technology designed to integrate easily into today's healthcare information management systems. Our high performance products operate at 433 MHz and do not interfere with legacy data networks or medical equipment.