Brochure | March 2, 2011

Brochure: Impinj Reader Antenna Products

Source: Impinj, Inc.

Expertise in RFID breeds excellence at both the component and system level, and is vital to obtaining peak performance for any application. At Impinj, we define accurate, reliable, and adaptable solutions as systems of integrity.

A system of integrity produces the consistently reliable data required as the foundation of any business system. To meet this requirement with RFID, high-performance tag chips and readers are a given, but antennas play an equally important role. Reader antennas with characteristics optimized for end-user applications enable the entire RFID system and play a crucial role in ensuring that the system operates dependably and accurately.

We have helped customers (in pharmaceutical fill lines, retail and apparel applications, consumer order fulfillment, race timing, and more) find ways to overcome the difficult problems that inhibit RFID deployments. As part of those solutions, Impinj created specialized reader antennas with performance optimized to item-level operations.

Our reader antennas are just one more example of how Impinj continually moves the industry forward by breaking down barriers— enabling RFID systems that increase efficiency, achieve greater accuracy, and improve the consumer experience.