News | March 30, 2010

IDBLUE And Zebra Enterprise Solutions Partnership Provides Tailored Solutions To Customers

Zebra Enterprise Solutions (ZES), a division of Zebra Technologies, recently announced the addition of technology solutions provider IDBLUE to the company's partner program. The new partnership allows IDBLUE to leverage technology from ZES to expand its offering of customized solutions in the oil and gas industry.

IDBLUE, a leader in mobile RFID solutions, joined the ZES partner program to increase its internal capabilities. The company has been able to integrate new active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technologies into its solutions, expanding its ability to develop tailored solutions for IDBLUE's customers in-house.

"By partnering with ZES, we can expand our reach into more industries by utilizing the broader range of identification technologies now available to us," said Steve Taylor, CEO of IDBLUE. "We are excited to be able to engage Zebra on new projects in the future and leverage our partnership to provide new solutions to our clients."

IDBLUE is currently working in partnership with ZES on a project with a local logistics firm in Canada and has been engaging them to provide solutions to a variety of customers in the oil and gas industry.

"As we expand our consulting services, we wanted to partner with an established solution provider that we knew we could count on," said Jeff Brown, vice president of services at IDBLUE. "After considering several solution providers, IDBLUE determined that the ZES' suite of technology provided the best options for our customers."

"The selection of technology that IDBLUE now has at its fingertips will support the company's endeavors to expand its offerings into other sectors as well as help to grow its consulting practice into other verticals," said Bill Bulzoni, Director of Business Development for Zebra Enterprise Solutions. "IDBLUE will be a great addition to the ZES partner program."

IDBLUE (an operating unit of Cathexis Innovations Inc.) is an RFID solution and consulting company offering a range of RFID solutions, services, and products aimed at the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, and Event Management markets. A privately held Canadian firm, the company is headquartered in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, with offices in Ottawa, Ontario and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. IDBLUE's strategy is partner-centric and solution-oriented. The company delivers complete RFID-based solutions to end-users, via key partners, resellers, and strategic alliances. With IDBLUE's two-pronged approach to business operations, the company is able to provide value added solutions to each opportunity. For more information visit

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