News | December 7, 2007

IAITO InfoTech Presents A Variety Of Product Ranges In RFID HF And UHF In Reader Technology

IAITO InfoTech Pvt Ltd, a start up Incubatee Company in SIIC, IIT Kanpur with its young, dynamic and vibrant engineers with the mentoring of Indian best Technical Institute (IIT Kanpur) has come out with a variety of product ranges in RFID HF and UHF in Reader Technology. Down the line for more than 2 years our engineers where focused in all aspects of RFID like Cost Competence, Innovation, Regulatory Standards (EPC/ISO), Future up gradation and easy integration flexibility with our design. We also provide supports of SDKs DLL/APIs for developers to easily integrate and develop ERP for clients.

The scale of IAITO's business also means that IAITO employees can lead or participate in project and product development that have global impact affecting the lives of millions of people and fulfilling our waving hands with the beats of your business growth.

Product in UHF Range

Desktop UHF Reader

This RFID UHF Desktop Reader is a multipurpose application in different areas. This reader's main purpose is to read /write application. The reader has an antenna embedded in the pcb of the reader circuit which makes the reader more useful for lots of other uses.

A desktop based software (.NET) console where user can read/write and change lots of parameters. We also support in DLL/APIs for Enterprise System Integrators for easy and flexible deployment. • Article, inventory or material Reading / Writing with built in internal antenna.

Features & Characteristics:

  • Article, inventory or material Reading / Writing with built in internal antenna.
  • Software console controlled.
  • Multi Protocol (EPC Class 1 Gen 1/2 & ISO 18000-6B/C tags).
  • Anti-collision supported.
  • Standard baud rate & serial communication adds more flexibility to the system
  • Read/ Write range (100cm/60cm).
  • Parameter changing flexibility.

UHF Evaluation Kit:

The UHF evaluation kit is a plug and play complete solution for tasting and evaluating all sense of UHF RFID Application.

Application Area:

Asset Management, Vehicle Access Control System, Personal Access Control System, Library Management System, Document Authentication, Maintenance & Safety Management System, Supply Chain Management System, Electronic Article Surveillance.

Kit Includes:

  • RFID UHF Reader which is a multi protocol (EPC Class 1 Gen 1/2 and ISO 18000-6B/C tags).
  • UHF external antenna with 3m RF cable.
  • Serial Port Cable.
  • Software Console (Windows).
  • 10 numbers of UHF Tags.
  • Power Adapter.
  • Supporting Documents.

Features of Evaluation Kits

  • Regulation: 865-867 MHz,EIRP 3.53 W (India).
  • Max.working range 7m (idealconditions)
  • Software control flexibility
  • Anti-collision supported
  • Plug and Play.

By the end of November 2007 the product shipment will start and will be available to the authorized distributors, channel sales partners, resellers.

SOURCE: IAITO InfoTech Pvt Ltd