News Feature | November 13, 2015

How Existing Healthcare Tech Combined To Improve The Patient Experience

By Megan Williams, contributing writer

How Existing Healthcare Tech Combined To Improve The Patient Experience

A new offering combines RFID, voice recognition, cloud, and Web-based mobile technologies to provide multiple benefits to providers.

Workflows and patient experience will be moving their way up your clients’ priority list as the Meaningful Use program matures. According to Health IT Outcomes, Barcoding, Inc. and Better Day Health have created a solution that combines existing and relatively common healthcare technology to provide multiple benefits including,

  • tracking the flow of patients and staff through the clinic
  • streamlining patient check-in and registration
  • automating EHR documentations

These benefits will become more important to your client decision-makers as controlling costs and managing profitability are more highly prioritized by federal, state, and private insurer programs.

The Solution

The solution, Better Day App, involves RFID-enabled ID badges being given to staff and physicians. Patients receive badges when they check in. The badges trigger authentication, login, and data collection, all hands free, in the exam room via mobile devices. They also incorporate passive voice recognition technology during the exam itself to make recommendations around billing code selection, documentation and even diagnosis. These features will be particularly attractive to providers having issues around time lost to coding changes (as a result of ICD-10) as well as physicians frustrated by new EHR issues.

The app solution also allows for the tracking of the flow of doctors and patients to figure out staff availability, patient location, patient wait times, and other metrics that can be valuable to your clients in driving continuous improvement around the patient experience and other aspects of practice health.

According to Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH, and co-founder and CEO of Better Day Health, “Doctors are the world’s most expensive clerical workers; today, they are using valuable time to fill out EHRs and compile medical histories. Barcoding has provided us with the technology needed to bring our vision to life by partnering with Better Day Health to create an intelligent, automated, hands-free experience in the exam room. In conjunction with Better Day, Barcoding will help doctors have more meaningful interactions with more patients, in less time, and without all of the burdensome data entry.”