News | July 29, 2009

Honeywell Automation India, Ltd And InSync Software Collaborate To Provide RFID And Sensor-Driven Line Of Business Applications

Source: InSync Software, Inc.

InSync Software, provider of the fabric for the world's leading RFID, GPS, and sensor-driven line of business applications, recently announced it has signed a strategic agreement with Honeywell Automation India, Ltd. (HAIL). The partnership allows HAIL to develop and deliver RFID, GPS and sensor driven applications to the many market segments HAIL serves.

Under the agreement, HAIL is licensing InSync's iApp Builder Development Platform and several iApp solution templates. HAIL customers will gain unprecedented access to easy-to-deploy RFID, barcode and Sensor-Driven solutions that visualize and track their assets, monitor and automate processes, issue/receive alerts based on out-of-tolerance conditions, and much more. The partnership provides an opportunity for HAIL to make several key applications readily available for customers with immediate deployment needs, most notably in the areas of yard management, returnable container tracking and warehouse automation.

The iApp Builder features an extensive library of solution templates, web 2.0 dashboards, and process and UI widgets developed by InSync Software and its partners through real world application development and deployments. A comprehensive set of tools, including device configuration and monitoring, data filtering and transformation, workflow design, alert and status notifications setup and management and RTLS data visualization enables users to quickly configure processes such as check in/check out, shipping and receiving and RTLS location plotting based on specific business rules - all without writing custom code and expensive up front capital expenditures for software licenses. Included in the iApp Builder is a cutting-edge simulation engine that allows users to test application behavior virtually, as well as demonstrate full application capabilities to prospective customers via a web meeting.

"This agreement is another important step in establishing InSync Software as the leading provider of RFID and sensor-driven line of business applications." Said Ashish Chona, CEO of InSync Software. "InSync is excited to be working with such a renowned company, and to be adding value to their customer's applications."

HAIL will also be using InSync's iApp platform as a core element of HAIL's RFID Center of Excellence. The center serves as a resource for prospective and current HAIL customers who are interested in the capabilities and deployment options of RFID and Sensor-Driven applications. The center features the iApp Platform, and a variety of simulated real-time iApp Application deployments. Users can navigate through real-time application dashboards, run diagnostics, simulations and more - all without the expense of elaborate pilots and associated hardware costs.

"When it comes to new technologies and solutions such as RFID, there is a good deal of education required for most customers to feel comfortable with their investment," Said Srinivas Surabhi, Vice President at InSync Software. "HAIL's Center is an excellent resource for these customers. We're proud to have our iApp platform and applications featured in this innovative Center, and look forward to working with HAIL in the coming months."

About InSync Software, Inc.
InSync Software, Inc. provides the fabric for the world's leading RFID, GPS, and sensor-driven line of business applications. InSync's renowned iApp Platform and iApp Solution Templates allow customers to rapidly develop and deploy applications to locate and track assets, improve operational efficiencies, and manage risks. InSync's software combines sensory data and enterprise information (via ERP, WMS, etc.) to actively manage assets regardless of their location.

SOURCE: InSync Software, Inc.