News | November 27, 2018

HARTING RFID Reader Series Is Now Equipped With W-LAN, 3G / 4G (LTE) And Bluetooth

HARTING's new Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 RFI reader family sets a higher standard of flexibility and interoperability.

Auto-ID, which uses UHF RFID and sensor data, forms the basis of enhanced automation technology on May 9, 2018. But how does this information enter the ERP or the cloud? It is easy to implement with HARTING RFID solutions using W-LAN, 3G/4G (LTE) and Bluetooth interfaces.

Based on its extremely powerful MICA edge computing system, HARTING's new Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 RFI reader family sets a higher standard of flexibility and interoperability. These RFID readers with M12 circular connectors and die-cast aluminium housings do not present any problems in terms of durability. Based on the IP67 and special product testing and certification procedures at HARTING Group's certified and independent laboratories, there are no problems with an injection moulding machine tool identification or tram system platform testing.

As an alternative to wired Ethernet communications, the reader family is also available with W-LAN 3G/4G (LTE) and Bluetooth capabilities, making it easier to integrate and use UHF RFID technology in a variety of applications. Wireless connectivity is now not convenient for Ethernet cabling in UHF RFID forklift applications, yard train identification, or simply retrofitting existing tracking and tracking solutions. Data can also be sent directly to the cloud. LTE makes it possible without the complex integration of the end customer's existing IT infrastructure. Radio sensors can also be used in conjunction with RFID technology. For example, a simple brightness sensor on the production floor activates the RFID reader while the device is running.

The flexible and open software concept used in the RF-R3x0 series makes this possible. You can also add more features in the same way as smartphones. These devices have been pre-set for RFID applications. Depending on the application, the corresponding function can be activated, whether it is connected to LLRP such as HARTING GS1 certified middleware, OPC UA conforming to the OPC Foundation supporting specifications, modbus TCP for simple communication with existing control systems, or embedded reading The middleware used to process raw data.

HARTING has made significant improvements to its rugged line of certified UHF RFID readers with this range of readers. In short, HARTING now offers 14 different UHF RFID readers at all software and hardware configurations. Transponders, accessories and a range of rugged antennas such as the WR24 are available.

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