News | August 12, 2021

GUARDIAN RFID Announces SPARTAN 3: A New Era Of Inmate Tracking With Advanced Mobile Technology

SPARTAN 3 has the largest screen display in its class of rugged Android devices, featuring a blazing fast octa-core processor, high-resolution digital imaging, and best-in-class battery performance.

Maple Grove, MN /PRNewswire/ - GUARDIAN RFID today announces the launch of SPARTAN 3, the latest in the SPARTAN series of ultra-rugged Android devices from the leader of inmate tracking systems. Built on 16 years of mobile innovation, SPARTAN 3 is the first major redesign since the first-generation SPARTAN launched in 2017.

SPARTAN 3 boasts a 5.5" high-resolution screen making it the largest screen in its class of rugged Android devices. The expansive screen size was designed without increasing the overall dimensions of the first-generation SPARTAN to ensure ease of portability.

In a nod towards the 480,000 correctional officers protecting our nation's jails and prisons, SPARTAN 3's gray line bumpers protect the front and back of the device, providing eight feet of fall protection onto concrete.

A Snapdragon octa-core CPU powers the SPARTAN 3 experience. SPARTAN 3 delivers long battery life and fast Wi-Fi speeds as well as powerful, on-device artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities deeply embedded in the next-generation of GUARDIAN RFID software.

"SPARTAN 3 represents a paradigm shift in the way corrections professionals execute their care, custody, and control mission-set," said Paul Baze, Director of Sales, GUARDIAN RFID. "Over 16 years, GUARDIAN RFID has continually served as the technology pace-setter, driving innovation to reimagine what's possible for America's Thin Gray Line."

"Jails and prisons are realizing the tremendous value of digitally transforming their teams. We believe SPARTAN 3, and the next-generation of GUARDIAN RFID software, will completely revolutionize how correctional officers work, driving safety, and security in ways never before seen," said Ken Dalley, President, Founder, and Chief Warrior, GUARDIAN RFID.

Next-Generation Software and Solutions
SPARTAN 3 is optimized to run the next generation of Mobile Command, the company's flagship mobility platform built for Android OS.

Mobile Command XR, set to debut later this year, embeds a number of AI-powered capabilities into the next-generation of GUARDIAN RFID software to provide hyper-vigilance and performance insights never seen before.

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GUARDIAN RFID is a public safety technology company whose mission is to deliver sustained operational dominance, enable decisive action, and support the care, custody and control mission-set of America's Warriors, the 480,000 correctional officers protecting our nation's jails and prisons. Learn more about GUARDIAN RFID at or connect with us across our social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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