News | March 2, 2017

GAO RFID Announces A New Long Range Personnel Tracking System

Tracking employee engagement from long range to ensure safety

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) - GAO RFID is proud to present their Active Personnel Tracking system, an integrated solution designed to help different types of businesses to safely and efficiently track their personnel in their institution or job site. The personnel tracking system provides a cohesive solution for a variety of people tracking needs such as security, access control, attendance management, and individual locating.

This system offers organizations long-range, real-time, indoor or outdoor location abilities. Using Active 2.45 GHz or 433 MHz RFID technologies, the Active Personnel Tracking System is “always on”— providing users with the most up-to-date information on employee/visitor/contractor movement and location. “Tracking employee location is very important; 76% of companies using some sort of employee locating program report an increase in safety and productivity. We have created the Personnel Tracking System to help our clients succeed,” said Mr. Frank Gao, CEO of the company.

The GAO RFID Active Personnel Tracking System is equipped with three crucial components designed to work together to optimize tracking functionality. The system includes active RFID Identification Tags (2.45 GHz or 433 MHz) lanyard style, clip-on, embeddable tags into clothing/helmets and wearable wristbands; active RFID Readers and Antennas (2.45 GHz or 433 MHz), and GAO RFID Personnel Tracking Middleware and Web Application Software.

GAO RFID works to customize solutions for their clients and put in place efficient deployment strategies. GAO strategically designs a layout of Active RFID Readers and Antennas that become key capture points in the customers´ job site. Afterwards, Active RFID Identification Tags are provided to personnel and visitors. These identification cards transmit location information from the tag to the capture points, which indicate the current location of the employee. As a result managers can use GAO´s web app to see a real-time map view of any floor and access a wide range of reports.

There are many benefits associated with the personnel tracking system some of them include security, safety, and accountability. This system would provide alerts when people enter prohibited zones improving control and preventing security issues. Additionally, it would increase safety by being able to track and pinpoint the exact location of employees working in challenging environments where safety is a concern. Also, it would encourage accountability by tracking workplace time and attendance. This reduces costly payroll errors while increasing employee transparency and productivity.

GAO RFID Inc. is a company based in Canada with over 20 years of experience and over 1000 RFID systems deployed in more than 40 countries. GAO is a provider of leading RFID hardware, software, and systems that improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and heighten personnel safety.

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