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Etix Announces ConnectFun

RFID Cashless Payment Solution For Fairs

Morrisville, NC /PRNewswire/ - Etix, the number one ticketing provider for fairs in North America, announced today the launch of its new cashless payment solution, ConnectFun. With ConnectFun, guests can pre-load credits to RFID-enabled wristbands or cards, and redeem for rides, games, and concessions on site.

ConnectFun allows fairs to create effortless transactions for rides, games, and food for their guests. Branded companion iOS and Android apps gives fans complete control to purchase and distribute credits to everyone in their group or family, allowing them to skip the line at the box office window or kiosk. Fans will have the option to purchase RFID wristbands/cards onsite at the fair, or well in advance when they purchase their regular gate admission.

"Etix has been the dominant force in fair ticketing for years because we listen to our clients and innovate based on their needs," said Travis Janovich, CEO and founder of Etix. "Our fair partners want a way to bring all of their major revenue streams into one place, allowing for a full 360-degree view of their fans."

The combination of the Etix ticketing platform and the fully integrated ConnectFun cashless system will allow fairs to learn more about their fans, centrally housing purchase data for gate admission, special event admission (like concerts or sporting events), parking, and now credits for rides, games, and food.

"We've worked hard to develop a cashless solution that works in the real world. We've taken into consideration the challenges that our fair partners deal with every day, like spotty wireless Internet coverage," said Janovich.

ConnectFun will seamlessly integrate with future Etix products, as well.

"Fairs need a ticketing partner that meets their needs today, while actively working to develop solutions for the future. ConnectFun, like everything we build, is 100% developed by Etix software engineers to work perfectly with current and future Etix products, including our forthcoming point of sale (POS) solution," Janovich remarked.

One of ConnectFun's innovative leaps is the use of read/write RFID technology. This means all credits purchased exist on the RFID wristband or card itself. With this technology in place, if a fair experiences an internet outage or wifi coverage is spotty, all ConnectFun transactions will continue seamlessly and with the proper accounting for credits spent. If a band is lost or stolen, the user can simply deactivate the band though the mobile app.

ConnectFun's intuitive and easy-to-use interface was developed with clients in mind.

"We understand that our partners rely heavily on volunteer and part-time staff who often don't have the benefit of extensive training on the equipment they use. We knew any solution would have to be rugged, reliable, and simple to use," added Janovich.

In many ways, analytics and insights are at the heart of ConnectFun. For the first time ever, fair staff will have easy access to real-time analytics outlining where and how fans redeem credits across their fair. Now fairs can make staffing and other operational decisions based on real-world data, rather than the best guess.

ConnectFun marks the largest platform addition for Etix since the initial software rollout in 2000.

"Twenty years ago, our company came to market with the development of the world's first print-at-home ticket," adds Janovich. "Since then, we have continued to lead, developing new features while maintaining our client-first approach to online ticketing. Now with ConnectFun, we bring the same spirit of innovation and customer service that we are known for to a new technology."

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