Newsletter | June 18, 2013

06.18.13 -- Ensuring RFID's Bottom Line Payoff

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Ensuring RFID's Bottom Line Payoff
By SATO America, Inc.
Whether a business leapt at the opportunity to become one of the first suppliers with RFID tagged products or now finds itself currently being mandated to employ the technology, the implementation costs and the potential rewards are the same. To maximize the benefits of RFID, it is critical to view its capability to drive business process improvement, increase supply chain efficiency, and ultimately improve bottom line results.
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Omni-ID Ultrathin Application Guide: IQ 400 And IQ 600
Omni-ID Ultrathin IQ 400 and IQ 600 products are durable labels designed for use with standard RFID enabled thermal transfer printers. With both on-metal and on-liquid compatibility these labels provide a unique advantage over standard dipole technology in many real world applications.
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