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Reliable IT Asset Tracking Solutions for the Harshest Environments.

Complete Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Power of Visibility

Powered by our award-winning and patented RFID technologies – this solution is specifically designed for Oil & Gas and Industrial Supply Chain companies. This total solution provides the visibility you need for inventorying, locating and managing your equipment.

  • Control Asset Inventory and Location: Eliminate missing parts from equipment kits delivered to the work site
  • Organize Asset Information: Purchase orders, certifications, inspection dates, and more – available for ready access anywhere, anytime
  • Proactively Manage Assets: Receive notifications and schedules for equipment inspections, maintenance, and reorder
  • Use Anywhere: Receive reports and check in equipment at the work site – even off the Internet - and synch up later

Be Harsh – We can Take It

Omni-ID, the inventors and patent holders of the industry’s first on-metal, rugged RFID tags have assembled a complete solution to automate asset management in the most harsh and remote environments encountered by Oil & Gas operations.

IQ 600

  • Omni-ID IQ 600 Ultrathin labels provide on metal tag functionality, within a low profile, easy to deploy label. Supplied in roll form as either finished labels or as an inlay for conversion, the Omni-ID IQ 600 has been optimized for thermal barcode printers, enabling low cost and hassle-free RFID deployment.

Exo 750

  • Omni-ID Exo 750 is a long range durable RFID tag optimized for attachment to metal assets. Designed with a broad read angle and with a global RF response, Exo 750 is compatible with handheld and portal use cases, anywhere on the globe.

Dura 600

  • Omni-ID Dura 600 is a small form factor RFID tag, with extreme impact resistance, and superior on-metal performance. The combination of its size, flexible durable case design and foam adhesive makes it ideal for heavy industrial applications where curved or contoured assets are in use including pipes and valves.

Dura 1500

  • Omni-ID Dura 1500 is the most durable and long range tag product offering long read ranges across all geographies. Designed with heavy industry in mind, the Omni-ID Dura 1500 features extreme impact resistance and high temperature ratings, enabling it to be deployed in outdoor heavy industry environments anywhere in the world.

Dura 3000

  • Omni-ID Dura 3000 is a globally compliant, passive UHF tag with extreme read ranges of up to 35m, on, off or near metals and liquids. Designed for heavy industry and outdoor applications, Omni-ID Dura 3000 features a high impact, water proof, durable encasement.

Adept 400

  • Designed for use in very harsh environments, the Omni-ID Adept 400 is ideal for attachment to pipes and fixed assets in remote production, extraction, and processing industrial facilities. Capable of surviving heavy impact from a sledge hammer, the Adept 400 can be attached with either a steel band or a permanent adhesive for long term field use.

Adept 360°

  • The Omni-ID Adept 360° is a UHF RFID tag for the most harsh environmental applications. The tag is encased in an industrial steel frame with a tether attachment designed to meet the needs of oil and gas users and other heavy industry applications.

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