White Paper

White Paper: Empower Your Customers And Your Associates With The Power Of Contactless Near Field Communications (NFC)

Source: Motorola

The Near Field Communications (NFC) contactless transaction and payment revolution is here. Businesses and government agencies alike can benefit from the true touch-and-go transaction simplicity that this 13.56 MHz RFID technology enables. How can you take advantage of this next generation of convenient, efficient and secure payment technology? With the Motorola MC75A HF mobile computer. This lightweight yet rugged handheld device makes it easy to deploy a world of new HF mobile applications that benefit customers as well as workers.

In the fraction of a second, workers can use the MC75A HF to securely process a ticket or transit card for a commuter bus, train or concert — or read NFC-enabled cards, tickets, tokens or tags on passports, employee badges and other business assets.

The NFC-based business processes improve service levels, while rapid and automatic transaction and payment processing keeps lines and wait times down. And many processes inside enterprises and government agencies can be performed faster and more accurately, improving employee productivity and eliminating costly errors that could compromise workplace and citizen security and safety.