News | March 1, 2012

Element ID, Inc. Introduces Automated Chemical Waste Tracking Solution

Automated tracking capabilities to help you comply with RCRA Subtitle C and the applicable regulations under 40 CFR 260 through 279

Element ID, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of specialty industrial automation equipment/systems and high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers, announced the availability of its new "Automated Chemical Waste Tracking Solution" recently. This system is designed for any company that generates chemical waste and needs to track its location throughout a building or campus. It is a complete solution with the hardware, software, and tags needed to automatically track your chemical waste containers from generation in the lab or production area to your disposal center and any desired holding area in between. The system offers real time location tracking and the ability to generate a wide variety of reports on demand.

"The record keeping involved in chemical waste compliance no longer needs to be a burden," said Jack Romaine, CEO of Element ID, Inc. "By automatically tracking, recording, and reporting chemical waste from the time it is generated in production or the lab, this solution frees employees to focus on core job responsibilities and at the same time it virtually eliminates record keeping errors and omissions."

The solution is scalable to suit anything from a small lab to a full enterprise. The proprietary ChemTrak Software, developed in conjunction with BA Systems, LLC, offers real-time, on demand reports showing the location of all containers in the system and a full history of individual containers. This system can also be integrated with your ERP or other data management systems.

As the EPA increases its focus on cradle-to-grave tracking of chemicals, compliance departments need to make sure they not only follow 40 CFR 260 through 279, but must make sure they have the records to back that up. This solution from Element ID simplifies both the tracking and the record keeping needed. Learn more about Automated Chemical Tracking at

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SOURCE: Element ID, Inc.