Datasheet | November 25, 2008

Solution Overview: VUANCE Electronic Security Solutions For Educational Environments

Electronic access control involves managing access to and from a facility. Access management pertains to locking/unlocking doors, opening/closing gates and tracking individuals who are entering or leaving a building, parking lot or room. Monitoring pertains to supervising anything defined as an alarm point such as door contacts, motion or glass break sensors.

Access control systems can include cards, readers, controllers, intrusion detection devices, closed circuit television (CCTV), digital video recorders (DVR), and integrate with a variety of life safety, operational and business systems. Systems also range from small single door to large networked systems for multiple buildings, parking lots, etc. While each system will vary depending on an end user's requirements, the following are common components.

Compass 6e's modular single or multi-server architecture accommodates virtually any size facility. Compass 6e can be used in a single building or as a single system that ties multiple properties together. Each school in a district or building on campus can have its own workstation or "client" for administration while personnel in a central location can monitor the entire network and protect higher-level system functions.