White Paper

White Paper: Deep And Wide, Near And Far

Source: Impinj, Inc.

By virtue of the innovative ways Impinj exploits the nuances of RF physics, UHF Gen 2 now performs equally well on small, individual items traveling along high-speed manufacturing lines as it does on pallets of cased goods rolling through distribution centers. In the bargain, UHF Gen 2 has rendered the older, slower, and more costly HF (13.56 MHz) RFID technologies obsolete.

The key to this development is Impinj's patented (and patents pending) technologies for harnessing UHF's near field—that aspect of the radio wave that is particularly well-suited to close range, item-level RFID operations. The result is a growing suite of application-optimized, nearfield UHF Gen 2 solutions that comprise Impinj's Speedway reader, Monza tag chips, and a host of specialized tag and reader antenna products. A brief survey of UHF near-field RFID deployments in retail, textiles, and pharmaceuticals illustrates the many solutions that are already producing tremendous results from the manufacturing floor to the point of sale.