News | January 9, 2019

DAILY RFID Released A RFID Simple Desktop Reader

Recently, DAILY RFID, a leading technical RFID products and solutions maker, has issued a kind of popular RFID Simple Desktop Reader, which generates enormous interests among various enterprises and individuals. DAILY RFID has become famous in worldwide RFID market owing to its high reputation from the global enterprises.

As one kind of hot RFID instrument, RFID Simple Desktop Reader is working at the frequency of 13.56 MHz. Surprisingly, tagged items such as cards can be read as long as placing it on the RFID Simple Desktop Reader within the distance of 4cm ~ 10cm. What’s more, RFID Simple Desktop Reader is working at such a wide temperature range from -30 to +40 Degrees Celsius, which makes it enable to overcome the harsh environment in practical application. With two kinds of interfaces, either usb or RS232, RFID Simple Desktop Reader is easily and expediently connected with the computer so that the computer can display the related information after reading and the red light will blink simultaneously. What’s most significant is that instead of entering password on the keyboard, RFID Simple Desktop Reader can read the personal card immediately, which has not merely immensely promote the operational efficiency of users, but also increased the safety at the same time. Therefore, made of ABS plastic, RFID Simple Desktop Reader is widely used in the application of library management, office management and so on.

In a word, with positive support, RFID Simple Desktop Reader will facilitate the development of various enterprises and individuals. DAILY RFID has constantly increased its international ability and competitiveness to research and develop the high-tech products.