Datasheet | July 29, 2009

Product Overview: CribMaster Weigh Station

Source: WinWare, Inc.

Passive issue means that users simply identify themselves and take what they need, the system will handle the rest. The system will take care of the counting, ordering, communicating with the supply chain, reporting who has used what, providing accurate cost accounting and much more. The whole concept of passive issue is simple. We design solutions to make it easy for workers to do the right thing, because it is non-intrusive and does not cause additional steps to be taken. Passive issue devices give management the ability to deal with the exceptions rather than lock down inventory, which can cause frustration and additional processes to be required.

The CribMaster Weigh Station is a passive issue device that includes a very accurate scale and bin technology to immediately count when an item has been removed or returned into a bin. This device allows for a highly flexible design to be achieved while benefitting from the most robust inventory management system available for managing tools, MRO, PPE and other indirect material. The re-stocking is as simple as receiving the line item on the purchase order on the touchscreen, opening the door and putting your items in the bin. The weigh station requires no repackaging, no tagging and is great for bulk issue (hardware, fasteners, bolts, etc.) If you are a distributor this is a great solution for management of consignment inventory to be managed remotely and provide great service to your accounts.