Datasheet | November 14, 2008

CribMaster™ Pro-Stock 560

Source: WinWare, Inc.

So you want a device that takes up very little space, has the flexibility to handle multiple sized products, is easily re-configured and provides high-secure, single item dispensing? You have now found it.

Take the ease and security of carousel dispensing and add flexible carousel sizes, simple on-site re-configurability and high capacity in a very small footprint, and you have the CribMaster Pro-Stock 560. If you work in a cellular work design, why would you keep the necessary production tooling right next to the machine? Reduce hoarding, stock-outs, overstock situations and travel time to the tool crib.

The Pro-Stock 560 provides you:

  • An easy to use touch screen interface
  • Flexible automatic reordering & resupply
  • Eliminate stock-outs with features like critical alerts and automated optimum order levels
  • Add inventory dispensing to your work cells for a leaner work flow